A little of this, not enough of that…..

I had the pleasure of cooking grilled cheese for my two-year old the other day.  As I proceeded to cut it into rectangles, Ryan said “No Dadda, triangles, not rectangles”.  I am amazed at what he says every day, what a wonderful blessing.

I am out of town this weekend, I HATE being away from Jen and the boys.  How could I feel good about leaving a face like this?  sawyer 5 month

I am taking part in an Executive Management of Organization Development program at Bowling Green State University .  I am part of an awesome cohort from many diverse backgrounds.  Our professors are excellent and the shared learning from the group is incredible.   My personal development  is off the charts, and will allow me to serve more effectively.

This time away does allow me to step back and think about the future I want for my family, and how I can provide it.  Regardless of the direction we chose, I want to work and play side-by-side with my family in service to the community.

I can’t wait to get home and discuss my new ideas with Jen.  I want to be relentless in pursuing these dreams.

To all the dreamers and all who made their dreams come true, thank you for your inspiration.


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