Just because you have a sticker (or a hangtag)

I realize I am not in the other person’s shoes, but………

When someone with a handicap sticker parks in a handicap space, and is able to walk to their destination without any issues, that ticks me off on so many levels.

  1. how the heck did they get the sticker?
  2. do you feel any guilt?  Or are you entitled?
  3. how long do these things get dated for?

Working at a university recreation center, I see students park in handicap spaces all the time, and then run into the building.  When I ask them about it, they tell me they got the pass when they had surgery.

But, you’re better now!  If you can run in the building, I think you are abusing what the pass is intended for.  Don’t you think someone using a walker or wheelchair needs this space more?

I don’t want to let older people off the hook either now.  When visiting Wal-Mart the other day, I saw an older couple park in a handicap space, get out of their car, and walk in (albeit slowly).  They were both overweight.  Is that how they got the pass?  I didn’t see any other reason.

People in this situation NEED to walk.  Get some movement for crying out loud.  This is an opportunity, not an inconvenience.

Four years ago, my wife and I were at Disney World (whatever the Florida one is called).  We noticed that the park rented motorized carts.  We also noticed they were all rented within 15 minutes of the park opening.  No big deal, except many of the people we saw using these carts only appeared to be overweight.  Many of these looked younger than 40 years old.

Again, I don’t know the backstories….but I suspect there is some abuse and entitlement.

Would love to hear from anyone regarding the handicap sticker issue?


2 thoughts on “Just because you have a sticker (or a hangtag)

  1. Very well said, Ron. I notice these scenarios frequently to say the least.

    1. I am not exactly sure how someone obtains a handicap sticker with a legitimate handicap, let alone an illegitimate one. I do know that I am going to do my best to not figure out this answer for as long as I can. I’ll walk the extra 100 feet, and perhaps start parking as far away as possible to enjoy the extra exercise.
    2. My guess is most have an entire absence of guilt and a full sense of entitlement; for whatever crazy, misguided reason.
    3. No expiration? I am not sure. Maybe it’s expiration is when the owner stops complaining, thus no expiration.

    Of course there are plenty legitimate reasons to have a handicap sticker, sadly I agree there are way too many illegitimate motives. It reminds me of taking the subway at an airport to your terminal that is just a mile away when you have a 3 hour layover. It reminds me of the 400 pound person getting upset because their McDonald’s cheeseburger took more than 3 minutes to be made, when normally they have consumed the food in that time already. It reminds me of the overweight children that are too young to make meal decisions on their own, yet use their parent’s money to buy 6 cookies during school lunch instead of salad. They don’t know any better because their parent’s selfishness.

    Great post Ron. Hope all is well.

    Joe Goodwin

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