The little things mean a lot….

Last Friday, I was heading out of town to go to school.  I was disappointed because I did not have the chance to say goodbye to my lovely bride Jennifer.  However, I knew there was a chance I would pass her on the road (don’t worry friends, my parents were with the boys).

Much to my delight, I saw her coming in the opposite direction about a 1/2 mile from our house.  I stuck my hand out the window waving frantically to get her attention.  She saw me and blew me a kiss.  Sweet right?  It’s much more than that.

On our third date, Jen blew me a kiss as she was walking back to her apartment after we said good night.  I had a good feeling about her before that, but it was at that point that I knew I wanted to marry that girl.  My feeling at that moment is hard to describe, but it was so powerful and intense (much beyond the old-fashioned feeling Jim Carrey refers to in Dumb and Dumber).

Jennifer still blows me kisses from time to time, and I get that powerful feeling every time she does it.  It seems like a little gesture, but it is so much more.

Would love to hear about “little things” that positively impact your life.  Take care,



3 thoughts on “The little things mean a lot….

  1. Ron – I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog and getting to know you more b/c of it. I read this a few weeks back and have been meaning to comment ever since. It was appropriate I read it the night that I did b/c that day at work had been one stressful event after another. Remembering the words of my current boss, as I drove into our garage I took a deep breath to help me check the day’s frustration at the door. As I pulled in I looked up to see my wife and son standing in the doorway with big smiles on their faces, happy to finally see me coming home. It’s those little things that keep me going sometimes and a big part of my motivation every day. Take care – PC

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