Appreciating Odd Situations….That’s What You Remember

Woody and Lucy back from their pre-dawn 3 mile walk

Woody and Lucy back from their pre-dawn 3 mile walk, while Sawyer finally is sleeping!


Yes, these pictures are hard to see.  And that’s the point of the story…..

This morning, Jen came down from upstairs with Sawyer at 315a.  She woke me up, and in a frazzled, can’t get to sleep because I am taking care of my baby boy way, asked me to take him so she could get some sleep.  Despite being so tired, she came up with the really smart idea for me to take him on a walk.  I am glad she did, I was so groggy I could not even find my glasses.

Springtime in Ohio can mean many things.  On this particular morning, it meant an overcast night with a slight breeze and 55 degrees.  We were lucky.  Sawyer and I got bundled up and our black labs Woody and Lucy got leashed up.

What a walk!  We were able to do a 4-mile loop over the next two hours.  It was great to spend this time talking to Sawyer about life (at least until he fell asleep, which was the point).

Because it was an odd situation, it something I will always remember when I think back about spending time with Sawyer.  It sounds cliche, but the kids do grow up quick.  I can’t believe he will be 7 months old tomorrow, and Ryan will be 3 this November.  The time has flown by!

In short, appreciate the unusual opportunities that come from odd situations.  They seem to create the best memories when you think back on your life.  Just think about some memories you have, did they come from unusual circumstances?

Would love to hear your stories!  Have a great day!


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