And that’s why I created my morning routine….

Last week, I created this morning routine to help me achieve my New Year’s Resolutions that I have been lagging behind on.  I have no problem being an early riser, but wanted to create an intentional structure to push toward specific actions and results.  This is also the best time of day to get things done before our young sons wake up and command our attention.

Alas for best-laid plans.  That was our son Sawyer’s first night on the Ferber sleep method.  I should say sleep was an oxymoron this night.  If you know anything about the Ferber method, the parents are to let the child fuss for a predetermined time frame before soothing the child.  I blew past the 5am alarm and did not get up until around 7a.

If you looked at the routine, I am trying to focus on exercise, 1-3 chores to help me strive to my goals, and prayer/meditation to help me find an inner calm and keep my patience throughout the day.  I am a fairly intense person, so getting some exercise and completing the last step of the routine is critical for me.  The 1-3 chores are decided on the night before so I do not have to think about them in the morning, wasting additional time.

I did not have the chance to do any of these, which shot my frustration level through the roof.  Jen brought Sawyer downstairs and handed him to me before I got anything done on my list.  Because she was up all of night, she also missed her start time for grocery shopping.  We both got frustrated with each other and our time crunch.

Whenever I am not able to use the morning for personal time, I feel like I am playing catch up the rest of the day.  If I am able to knock some big to-do’s out before anyone else in the house is up, it gives me momentum throughout the day.

I would love to hear about other succesful morning routines that people have, please share in the comments!


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