Sorry kiddo…finding dinosaur bones is tough in Ohio….here is how I know….

I was so pleased that my parents visited us this weekend.  There are times I am almost moved to tears watching their interactions with their grandsons.  The grandparents and the grandsons clearly enjoy each others company.

Ryan, is almost 2 and a half years old, which means he is in “repeater” mode frequently.  It is flattering and funny when he mimics something good, not so good when he mimics my temper or overhears a cuss word.

One of the prized book sets that has come from my parents’ house to ours was a series of 15 Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedias that I loved to read as a kid.  Ryan enjoys reading them as well.

On Sunday, Ryan chose to read the volume on Dinosaurs with Grandma.  Grandma mentioned to Ryan that when I was a kid, there were a couple of times I dug massive holes in our backyard looking for dinosaur bones (massive at that age is about 4 feet diameter, 4 feet deep.  Whenever I think about doing it, how great was it that my parents tolerated me digging these craters in our yard!

Later that afternoon, Ryan started playing in his sandbox.  When I asked me what he was doing, he said “digging for dinosaurs dadda”.  That had me rolling.  Then he asked me to help him.  Well, I have extensive amateur experience in this area, so I was happy to assist.  Sadly, we did not find any dinosaur bones, but we did find two earthworms, so that will keep him coming back (kind of like sucking at golf  but you have a last good hole that gives you a false sense of hope)

Now Ryan, I don’t want to sit here and tell you won’t find any dinosaurs (I can hear the experts now….saying out loud….what is present-day Ohio was ancient seabeds).  I will tell you Ohio has great fossil beds, and I will tell you can dig in our yard if you want to.  We will need to just do this first.  OUPSlogo_color

Would love to hear any great dinosaur hunting stories!


4 thoughts on “Sorry kiddo…finding dinosaur bones is tough in Ohio….here is how I know….

  1. This is a great story, Ron, and really well told. It might be the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time. I never did hunt for dinosaurs, but I did collect a few caterpillars in my day, so I can see how those would entertain Ryan.

  2. There were Dinosaurs in Ohio! The continent of Appalachia in which Ohio was a part did indeed contain Dinosaurs and was above sea level. But because of severe erosion all the Mesozoic rock is gone. We think?

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