Look for the good, and work around the challenges….

The millennial generation gets a lot of crap from old Crusties like me.  Self-absorbed, short attention span, helicopter parents, spoiled, etc.

Working at the university, I see this everyday.  However, the old adage that you will find what you are looking for certainly rings true.  I like to look for effort, appreciation, and positive relationships.  The story I am about to share reflects these three themes.

I don’t know all the details, so I apologize in advance for not mentioning something.  Andy Anderson (big A, double A, a squared, doc), a giant of a man with a heart to match, proposed to the student staff about throwing a surprise birthday party for Angela.

Who is Angela?  Angela is our front-line customer service counter person in Miami’s Recreational Sports Center, and is also the “grandma” of the students.  She is old-school to the core, but no one is more caring or nurturing if her trust is earned.  What’s her secret?  Pretty simple:  she actively listens, she shares, and she cares.  A great recipe for success

The students did a great job organizing the food, the cake, and keeping it a surprise.  I took Ryan and Sawyer with me to join in the celebration.  What a great environment of connection and good feelings.  I love it when our staff becomes a community!

Angela was so surprised, and so grateful.  In her 17 years at Miami, she has always been loved by the students, but has never been recognized in this way.  The timing was perfect.  Angela has had some recent challenges in her home life, but she continues to work hard and serve others.  This time, she was served in grand style.

We try to promote a culture of appreciation and positive relationships.  In the daily grind, sometimes we miss the mark.  On this day, our students knocked it out of the park.

I would love to hear your stories on staff recognition or acts of kindness.  For those of you who know Angela, I would love to pass on your well-wishes to her.  Take the opportunity today to thank someone who listens, shares, and cares about you.


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