To all of my ladies……

Admit it, you weren’t sure where I was going with this.  Let me clarify this is to help celebrate Mother’s Day.

This post is in a small attempt to say thank you to the most important women in my lifetime.  They are all mothers as well.  They have been so supportive and have raised great children.

  • Wife-gave the gift of her love and mother of our two sons, she means everything to me-HER LOVE AND SUPPORT IS THE GUIDING LIGHT IN MY LIFE.
  • Mom-gave me life and has been an outstanding role model in life, she serves so many in need every day
  • Mom-in-Law-gave my wife life, unwavering love and support for her grandsons and her family
  • Grandma Schiavoni-such positivity and support, everyone wants to be around her for the way she makes them feel
  • Grandma Siliko-a saintly woman who loves with actions rather than words, she has such wisdom in her ninth decade
  • Nana-Ukrainian immigrant that established family roots in Ohio, loved her stories, her accent, and her traditions
  • Granny-Hungarian immigrant that established family roots in Ohio, was so accomplished academically and a lovable crank
  • Aunt Faye-helped foster my love for sports and would go outside to play with us, always is quietly supportive and present
  • Aunt Mary-is always great to see her due to distance apart, has such a heart
  • Aunt Chris-visits with her always have great conversations and debate, she makes you think
  • Aunt Bobbi-was always at her house when we were kids, so many good memories; when I had hair, she was the best barber I ever had
  • Aunt Robin-very quiet, but it always interested in hearing how you are doing and encouraging
  • Aunt Annette-closest aunt in age to me, got to see some of her activities in high school and learn from her as she grew up, got married, and raised a great family
  • Aunt Cindy-so nuturing and supportive, always eager to talk about life
  • Cousin Tanya-same age as me, we got to blaze the path as the oldest grandchildren, she is so smart and talented; she has two great kids
  • Cousin Lisa-loved watching her play sports and partying with her at BGSU; she has three great kids

In the cycle of life, it is so great to see this love and support go to my sons during family get-togethers.  I have many friends who this great day is in honor of as well.  Kate Partee, Tara Britton, and Angela Meinhardt are three of my closest co-workers who impact me daily.



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