Super Dad for a 3-Day Weekend

photo (20)

They survived the weekend without their mama!

With Jen leading a whitewater rafting trip to OhioPyle, Pennsylvania this past weekend, I had the chance to be the lone parent for Ryan and Sawyer this weekend.  What a treat!

On Friday, Jen left for her trip.  After breakfast and naps, we walked to uptown Oxford.  A main attraction are water fountains, which always have youngsters splashing around on warm days.  This day was no exception, as Ryan made fast friends with the two girls and one boy playing around.  The challenge is always getting him to stop so we can leave.  I tried to put Sawyer by the water, but he made it perfectly clear that he was not interested.  We completed the four mile walk back to the house for lunch and afternoon naps.  Daddy was able to catch some z’s as well.  Turns out, we had taken advantage of the best weather of the day, as we had spot-up storms throughout the remainder of the day.  We played inside and cleaned the house up.

Saturday was packed with fun stuff!  Breakfast>Farmer’s Market>Water Fountains>Lunch>Hannah Wachenheim’s (yay!) Graduation Party (Daddy only, boys were napping and had a sitter)>wedding with former Miami Rec Center staff Lynsey Sheets (now Lynsey Pun).

The wedding was a great time, but we had to get home for bed right after supper.  It was too bad, Ryan was already starting to dance and looked like he was really having a nice time.  I get such a kick when former students invite you to major events in their lives, it really validates for me our mission of student development.

Sunday was calmer.  We got some yardwork and laundry done.  We also made a stop to the Rec Center to play basketball for a little while before afternoon naps.  Jen was home before naps were over.

Don’t get me wrong…..I would rather both of us are there with the boys.  It is an awesome feeling to know you are solely responsible for their experiences and care.  I treasured the around-the-clock time I got to spend with them.  Ryan continues to amaze me with his vocabulary and the development of his personality.  Boy, is he stubborn at times!  He loves to help with chores though, which is pretty neat.  Sawyer sat up in his crib from laying down, which is a great milestone as he gets closer to crawling.  He smiled all weekend long and just lights you up with that big cheeked grin.

Favorite Ryan quote of the weekend…”look at the girls!”.  (reference to the wedding party and bride).  Attaboy!

Favorite quote involving Sawyer….who was sucking on the bride Lynsey’s shoulder….”you can’t give me a hickey Sawyer, I am a married woman now”


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