Bullet points, Trying to explain the unexplainable, and Uptown family night

Have you ever had a discussion about bullet points?  Surprisingly, I have had many.

In my business writing, I tend to rely on bullet points to give specific detail or directions.  Sometimes I provide additional detail, and sometimes I don’t.  I also like to get business written communication in bullet points.  I feel it is my job to ask the questions to get the why behind the what or how.

Most recently, my graduate colleague Sarah has challenged my use of bullet points.  I tried to be witty with responses such as this…..but in reality she is very sharp and I defer to her expertise.  I feel like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest trying to match wits with her.   She is an expert storyteller and very engaging with her narrations.


However, Sarah has helped me define my new philosophy.  Cartoons and bullets……draw it for me, give me a picture….and spell it out for me in bullets.  Keep it simple please.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading, but I want the meat of the communication easy to see.

On a more serious note….

Last week we were out for a family walk.  Ryan has been asking about seeing our friend Leo, who passed away in early April, about seeing him again.  So, we stopped at the cemetery at his grave site.  I told Ryan this is how we visited him now.  He’s not quite three years old, so he doesn’t understand why we can’t see him.  Heck, don’t understand why we can’t see him.  I told him his body was gone from earth, but we would see him again someday.  I am glad he is curious, and frustrated that I can’t give him an answer.  And this is why it is THE great mystery.

On Thursday, we went to Oxford’s highly regarded concert in the park.  The act was the Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony, which played Sousa music and other great American patriotic songs.  Besides watching the boys flirt with two girls sitting behind us, they did a pretty good job of entertaining each other, as this video demonstrates:

Hope you are having  a great summer, and enjoy Independence Day!


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