It’s fun taking out the trash? You betcha

I never have minded taking out the trash, I understand it needs to be done so our house doesn’t turn into a maggot colony. But I have never looked forward to doing it either. When I see my neighbor’s cans out, my response is usually “shoot, it’s trash night”. But like most things in life, it takes less than 15 minutes to make it happen.

Over the last month however, taking out the trash has been awesome since I ingeniously asked Ryan to help me.  I should have had him helping me since he was able to walk, I missed out on 19 months of assistance.

He loves to help me with chores!  He has added this to his “chore” list of vacuuming, gardening, and lawn mowing.  He knows that we make one last round for trash and then take it outside.  We then take out our 4 recycle bins.  He insists on carrying them, saying “I can do it myself”.  Yes, he can (sometimes with daddy’s help).

When I thanked him, his reply was “happy to help”.  Adorable.  I laughed and was happy he learned something useful from Thomas the Train.

Best part, we are teaching him responsibility and work ethic.

I would love to hear about other chores you get your kids involved with.

Thanks for reading.




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