Reading about self-improvement is good, sticking to the plan is much better…

In a self-discovery this summer, I realized that I do a great job about reading self-improvement books, but a lousy job of executing the action plans.  I take bits and pieces for implementation (here are some of the books I am referring to).

This is a pattern I want to change.  Because it is not just about self-improvement action, it is also about diets, exercise, and the other plans that I have not followed through to completion on.

Starting in July, I made the commitment to the year-long process of reading and implementing the “Scrolls” laid out in the best-selling books by Og Mandino (The Greatest Salesman In The World and The Greatest Secret In The World)

The process that Mr. Mandino presented was the following for 30 days:

1.  read the same scroll for 30 days, 3 times a day

2.  in the last reading, read it aloud

3.  record how many times you read the scroll each day + grade yourself on applying a given principle

4.  record any appointments and achievements for the week

I am happy to report I have completed the first 30 days.  I plugged in appointments for my three daily readings, which helped keep me on track.

This first scroll was “I will greet this day with love in my heart.”  The given principle to apply was to silently say “I love you” for each person I interacted with.

My discovery was….when I made this silent statement, it helped relax me for the interaction.  If I forgot to do it, hopefully I had some carryover effect from recently doing it.  If I did not have the carryover, I definitely felt the difference in my presentation.

I would to say I completed 90 readings….but I did not.  But 78 is not too shabby.  I will continue to work to improve this %.

I have now embarked on the second Scroll “I will persist until I succeed”.  The given principle this month is to not leave work without having a success to leave on.

Now that I have made this commitment public, I hope those of you reading this will check in with me and help hold me accountable.  I would appreciate this greatly.

Is there anything you would like me to hold you accountable for?  Any success stories in completing self-improvement plans?  What difference did it make in your life?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Becoming a high schooler parent….overnight! In four easy steps……

This past Thursday, August 8th, Jen and I became parents of a high schooler.  Yes, our boys are almost 3 and almost 1, but have only been recognized as geniuses by us, not the school system (yet).  So, how did this happen?


In July, we were at the Farmers’ Market in town and noticed an information table for the AFS student exchange program.  We decided to get information on the program about hosting a student for the school year.  We were told to fill out the application if interested.


We completed the application.  This took some doing!  The application was very thorough asking about our home environment, rules we would have in place, and If…then scenarios.


Background check and home visit.


We picked who we wanted.


We were so pleased to pick Matheus.  Jen had several nice email chats and then we skyped with his family.  We attended some orientation programs, but it still didn’t seem real until he was dropped off at our house on August 8.

He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is polite, helpful, and so determined.  He immediately joined the high school cross country team and has taken two long road trips through Ohio.  He is generous with sharing his culture and helping take care of our boys.


Jen and I will have an on-going learning curve this year as we learn about parenting a teenager and the high school operation.  It will be quite a ride for all.


I would love to hear about any foreign exchange experiences.



Message of inspiration, belief, and hope…..thank you so much MOM!

My mother has an incredible knack for creating inspirational messages that she shares with others.  She shared this one with me upon my graduation from the Executive Master’s Program in Organization Development at Bowling Green State University.

“Your life is about to change.  All hopes and dreams are about to come true.  From your smallest to largest wishes all is coming to you now.  Expect the unexpected.  Accept it fully for it is yours.  All hopes for your dreams will soon need to be amped up to produce the access of all further delights of the future.  Do not think one negative thought about your dreams coming true.  For as you visualize the future as you expect it, know it could actually be better than your wildest dreams.  And so be it, Amen.”

To learn more about how my mother serves others, please visit her website at

Would love to hear your comments, have a great day.

Book Review of “Toughness: Developing True Strength On And Off The Court by Jay Bilas


Over the last few months, I have greatly enjoyed reading and re-reading the book “Toughness:  Developing True Strength On and Off the Court” by Jay Bilas.  While the book contains many, many great basketball stories, there are several other moving stories that demonstrate how mental toughness has led to amazing outcomes.  I shared in a recent blog post that I listened to this book with my son Ryan as we drove to Baltimore from Ohio.

In this blog post, I have linked my notes detailing key phrases and key concepts.  The anecdotes Bilas’s shares serve to amplify these notes in tremendous detail.  I have posted the Book notes in a Mindmap form below (see red links).  They will appear as PDF’s, and you will be able to enlarge the pictures as needed for reading.

If you are interesting in reading insights into Coach K from Duke, it’s in here.  Want to hear great stories about parenting….in here.  Want to hear courageous cancer battles with doctors, nurses, and patients as partners….it’s in here.  Stories about demanding teachers, mentors, and teammates….you guessed it.

If you are looking for tips that you can use personally for a more rewarding and productive life, or in your mentoring of others, I highly recommend this book.  If you are a sports fan and are curious how success happens behind the scenes, you will love this content.

Click here to see my notes on the INTRODUCTION section of the book.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter One, “TRUST”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Two, “PREPARATION”, part one.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Two, “PREPARATION”, part two.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Three, “COURAGE”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Four, “COMMUNICATION”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Five, “PERSISTENCE”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Six, “NEXT PLAY”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Seven, “COMMITMENT”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Eight, “ACCEPTANCE”,  part one.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Eight, “ACCEPTANCE”, part two.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Eight, “ACCEPTANCE”, part three.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Nine, “RESILIENCE”.

Click here to see my notes on Chapter Ten, “SELF-EVALUATION”.

Click here to see my notes on the EPILOGUE

If you have enjoyed reading my notes, you can get the hardcover or paperback version of the book, click here.  For Kindle, click here.

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