Becoming a high schooler parent….overnight! In four easy steps……

This past Thursday, August 8th, Jen and I became parents of a high schooler.  Yes, our boys are almost 3 and almost 1, but have only been recognized as geniuses by us, not the school system (yet).  So, how did this happen?


In July, we were at the Farmers’ Market in town and noticed an information table for the AFS student exchange program.  We decided to get information on the program about hosting a student for the school year.  We were told to fill out the application if interested.


We completed the application.  This took some doing!  The application was very thorough asking about our home environment, rules we would have in place, and If…then scenarios.


Background check and home visit.


We picked who we wanted.


We were so pleased to pick Matheus.  Jen had several nice email chats and then we skyped with his family.  We attended some orientation programs, but it still didn’t seem real until he was dropped off at our house on August 8.

He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is polite, helpful, and so determined.  He immediately joined the high school cross country team and has taken two long road trips through Ohio.  He is generous with sharing his culture and helping take care of our boys.


Jen and I will have an on-going learning curve this year as we learn about parenting a teenager and the high school operation.  It will be quite a ride for all.


I would love to hear about any foreign exchange experiences.




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