Personal 30-day fitness challenge

In my previous blog post, I talked about the importance of sticking to the recommended action from any personal development effort for the allotted time.  I am continuing my efforts with Scroll III from the Og Mandino book, but I wanted to tackle a physical challenge as well.  I have been inspired by my wife’s recent decision to tackle an extremely arduous physical challenge, and mine should be a cakewalk.

With my routine, I intend to do this in the morning upon waking, but it can be done incrementally as well.  By committing to this…and drinking eight glasses of water daily, I am confident I will accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. more energy throughout the day and waking up BEFORE my alarm goes off
  2. decrease in body fat%
  3. more flexibility
  4. strengthen core (abdominals and lower back)

I will be tracking my monthly progress on this document, and posting my weekly progress on this blog.

I will be continuing my daily movement efforts as well, which will serve to additionally benefit my health.

I would love to hear in support for you.  Let me know if I can do the same for you in some endeavor you are pursuing.


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