What a fantastic visit!

We were pleasantly surprised Matheus’s father gave word he was going to be in the United States on business and wanted to pay his son a visit (see this post for background story on Matheus).  The plan was that Mr. Miraglia would go to the high school, watch his cross country practice, and then they would come to our house.  We would then go out for supper.

On Friday afternoon, Eduardo was able to visit the high school, talk to Coach Plank, and drive around Oxford and Miami University with Matheus.  Then they arrived at our house.  Mr. Miraglia brought wonderful presents for Sawyer, Ryan, and our family.  Once the babysitter arrived to put Sawyer to bed, the rest of us went to Kona for early dinner trying to beat the rush of Miami University Family Weekend visitors.

We had a very enjoyable dinner sharing our backgrounds and history.  It was great to hear how Matheus got involved with AFS.  This is truly a like father-like son duo.  They are both so polite, gracious, intelligent, with similar interests.

Afterwards, I gave Eduardo a tour of the Rec Center where Jen and I both work.  He was very impressed and could see why we liked our jobs so much.

The following day, we got to see Matheus run his cross-country meet.  His dad is so proud of his son, and you could see this in his eyes while he watched him run race.  He then got to say goodbye to all of us so he could catch his flight.  Of course, my boys always enjoy watching him run.


This was truly a memorable visit, and it was another reminder how lucky we are.


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