Powerful messages that make the journey seem purposeful….

This past Tuesday, I heard two messages that were so powerful….that boosted my energy like a rocket fuel booster.

Ryan and I began a custom over the last month and a half of walking to preschool, then I go to work from there.  It is about a one-mile walk, which is a challenge for my almost three-year old.  I frequently tell him how proud I am of him for getting this valuable exercise and his toughness to complete the journey.  On the rare instances when he says he wants me to carry him, I praise his perseverance and tell him he is doing what no other kid in his class is doing, which makes him special.

Words cannot describe how much I enjoy getting to spend this time with him.  I was not able to walk with him to school today, and it really bothered me.  We have great conversations and I have so much pride in our connection.

I know Ryan enjoys the time as well, because he always asks to walk and he wants me to take him to school.  During our Tuesday walk, out of the blue, he said “I love walking to school with you Daddy”.  I was so choked up and honored that it has impacted him this way.

This was a great moment, and I was on cloud nine.  Later in the day, one of my university student staff came into my office to chat.  I treasure when Suze comes in to speak to me, she is a rock star on our staff.  She is always there for the team, is enthusiastic, takes great pride in her work, and accomplishes remarkable things.  She is a person who is a beacon for others.

She shared with me that she recently had a valuable “ah-ha” moment.  She realized last week that she was responsible for her attitude and choices, and no one else.

HOW EMPOWERING!  When you hear someone own their life in this way (especially because you are trying to live your life that way), and not willing to give into “victim thinking”, it is INSPIRATIONAL!

I don’t know if I helped Suze get to that state of mind or not, but we have spent enough time together that I believe I contributed at least in some small way.

Hearing these two messages really made me feel like I am living a life of purpose and serving.  I am thankful that they shared their thoughts with me.

I would love to hear what messages have inspired you recently.  Take care.



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