Happy Birthday Ryan!

Three years ago today,

You arrived to stay,

It became my first daddy day.


Today is my oldest son Ryan’s third birthday.  It is amazing how fast the time goes by, and how much he has grown.  Everyday there seems to be a new “first”.

There is quite a history with this little guy that I would like to briefly tell.  On November 1, 2008, Jen’s dad Christopher Ryan passed away suddenly.  It was a devastating, shocking event for all involved.  Fast forwarding to 2009, Jen and I decided we were going to get certified by the State of Ohio to foster and adopt. We were interested in helping out a child in need, and having a young school-age child seemed to fit better with our lifestyle and professional careers at the time. We took our classes and completed our home study.  Things were going smoothly until our home business of being a bed and breakfast caused a red flag in the wheels of bureaucracy.  Going into 2010, we still did not have approval.

In early 2010, Jen told me she wanted to try to get pregnant.  In February, Jen told me she had a positive home test.  Soon after, we got approved by the state to adopt, which we decided to hold off on.  We found out Jen was due on November first, and then we found out we were having a boy.  During one of our doctor’s visits, there was trouble detecting a heartbeat, which caused a huge lump in our throats.  Fortunately, another test revealed all was well.

Because of the due date and being a boy, we decided to name our son Ryan Christopher (the reverse of Jen’s Dad’s name).  We certainly felt her dad had a hand in this miracle, and we wanted to honor his legacy.

Through the quirks of pregnancy, birthing classes, the heat of summer, the anticipation, November came closer and closer.  Well…..our little guy kept us waiting…..and waiting.  Our doctor said if he went ten days past his due date, labor would be induced.  November 11 came, and we heading off to the hospital early in morning.

Eighteen + hours later, through a bad reaction to the inducing-medication, to be face up instead of face down, through watching Jen go through the grueling pain with admiration and sympathy, Ryan came into the world.  Incredible!

It has been a privilege to watch you grow Ryan every day.  Thank you for being our little miracle!



photo (19)


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