Book Review of “There Is Only One Way To Win: Lessons From A Legend” by basketball writer Dick Devenzio

This post is devoted to a review of a basketball book that helped me tremendously in my basketball coaching.

Whenever I am in a teaching role, I am always looking for ways to simplify the message to make it easier to understand, repeatable, and memorable.  This simple repetition enhances the ability of the students to learn.

There Is Only One Way To Win:  Lessons From A Legend by noted basketball author, camp director, player, and mentor Dick DeVenzio is a book that simplifies the game of basketball.  The book honors the accomplishments of his father, legendary high school coach Chuck DeVenzio and the principles he used to be successful.  Chuck DeVenzio NEVER had a losing season in over forty years of coaching high school basketball, a remarkable record of consistency and excellence.  This record was accomplished in different school settings.  The book has an outstanding, inspiring testimonial section at the end of the book from his history students and student-athletes he worked with throughout his colorful career.

The author, the son of the coach, worked with his dad to articulate his philosophies and interpret such statements as “blaming the best player on the team for throwing a bad pass”, even if the pass was thrown by another player!  All of his principles were taught with the intention of being capable of beating the best opposition and teaching transferable lessons throughout life.

The lessons in this book can applied by coaches in all areas with modification to particular area of expertise.  I would define it as:  Singular Focus on Excellence, Unwavering Principles, Culture of Truth, and Bringing Visceral Passion.  I don’t believe you can read this book and NOT think about ways to improve your teaching and inspired about striving to be the best!


I would love to hear your comments about the book.


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