Brothers should bunk

Last night, our family was out at the WRA Cabin in Miami University’s Natural Areas for the Outdoor Pursuit Center staff party, which Jen has been part of in a variety of roles.  I love this cabin and the feeling of isolation in nature.

As in their nature, Ryan and Sawyer felt the need to explore their environment while Matheus enjoyed many conversations with the students and FT staff..  They were intrigued by the stairs and loft, the fireplace, and the overall woodwork of the cabin (it is very neat).  The students are always welcoming to the boys and help Jen and I keep an eye on what they are doing.

During one of his tours, Ryan found a room in the cabin that had six sets of bunk beds.  This was a new experience for him and he had many questions about this setup, while we were climbing on all the beds to “try them out”.  In our conversation, I told Ryan that his Uncle Kevin, Uncle Tom, and myself, shared a room and bunked together at various points of our childhood.

Ryan loved hearing this and asked if he could do this with Sawyer.  What a great idea Ryan!  I told him we could set this up after Sawyer got a little bit bigger.

I love Ryan’s enthusiasm on this!  I think he intuitively knows this is a chance to further bond, interact, and create mischief with his little brother.  He’s right!  I remember Kevin and I doing this every night when we were growing up, and then when I got my own room, Kevin and Tom did this as well I am sure.  When Ryan told Jen about the bunking idea, she told him that her and Aunt Carrie bunked as well.  We have the space in our house to give them each their own room (which is the current setup), but we can bunk ’em.

For those of us who have bunked with our siblings, I am sure we have warm memories of staying up late and talking, laughing and giggling, throwing stuff down from the top bunk, getting in fights, and sneaking cookies without Mom and Dad knowing.  The “secrecy” of all this added to the excitement. and connection.

I am so thankful this situation presented itself, so Jen and I could be reminded of our memories, and to see Ryan get so excited about doing this with Sawyer.

I would love to hear your bunk bed memories.  Have a great day!



One thought on “Brothers should bunk

  1. I shared a room with both sisters at some point, but never had bunk beds. However, when I moved into my own room they got bunk beds and I was jealous! It’s like suddenly they were a secret club with all kinds of stories and connections just surrounding this sleeping arrangement. I’m excited for your boys to share that arrangement for a while in the near future!

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