Kids do say funny things….and hurtful things….

Ryan (our three-year old) is saying some very funny things everyday.
Not having much of a filter at this point, he says some hurtful things
as well without understanding the ramifications.  I plan on
periodically posting some of these gems to remember and show him in
the future.

Here were some lines from this week:


On traveling back to our house from our family trip to Northeast Ohio
last weekend, Ryan said “Daddy, come in the backseat and play with
me”.  A lovable request that I normally love to accommodate, however I
was driving at the time.

I replied “Ryan, Daddy is driving the van.  I can’t come back there.
I am sorry.

As he burst into tears, Ryan stammered “The, the, the car can drive
itself Daddy”.

Maybe in the near future Ryan, but not possible in a 1999 Honda Odyssey……


“Daddy can I have some medicine?”

“Ryan, you are not sick.”

Ryan starts coughing and says “Yes I am Daddy.”

Funny…and hurtful

Later in the trip, Ryan was getting somewhat grumpy.  I suggested “Ryan, why don’t you go to sleep for a little while, a nap will really help you”.

Ryan replied, “I don’t want to go to sleep, you go to sleep Daddy you silly silly meany.”

“Ryan, daddy can’t sleep while he is driving”.

“Daddy, quit talking to me and YOU go to sleep.  The car can drive itself.”

“Ryan, we already had this conversation, the car cannot drive itself.”

“Daddy, quit talking and go to sleep.”

Great Imagination

On the ride to Northeast Ohio, we were driving along a semitrailer loaded with steel beams.  I asked Ryan “Do you see the steel beams on the truck Ryan?”

“Yes, Daddy, that is neat!”

“What do you think the beams will be used to build?”

“They are going to build a museum Daddy.”

“What do you think will be in the museum Ryan?”

“Lots of neat things Daddy.  Probably trains, dinosaurs, and animals Daddy.”

“I hope you’re right Ryan, that would be a neat place to visit.”

“I AM right Daddy, it will be neat!”

It’s all neat………..

I would love to hear about funny things your kids have said.
on truck, museum, lots of things


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