Little known fact: I participate in Improv Theatre

I have my very own improv theatre at home.

Chicago is famous for their Second City Improv Theatre.  The premise is that there is an initial story line given, and then
additional pieces of the story are made up by the participants on the
spot.  The resulting storytelling is a very funny thing to hear.

Thanks to Ryan and Sawyer, I now get to do my own improv at home.  Let me explain.

As we play with toys, Ryan will begin the Improv by saying something like “Daddy, I want you to be a talking backhoe, I will be a talking
dump truck”.  New characters get introduced throughout the story based on the actions the characters take.

Sawyer contributes in his special way too.  He brings toys into the story, hands them to us with a smile, and says “Dadda…ehhh, ehhh”.
He is learning new words, so sometimes we get something like this…”tra, tra” (truck).  When he grabs a toy that is part of the story and runs off, Ryan’s quest to steal it back with rich dialogue “Sawyer, that backhoe is hauling our dirt off, we need it back, bad baby”.  (I do not encourage the bad baby part by the way).  Often, I am able to use the story characters as a peacemaker.  “Ryan and Sawyer, Mr. Tractor needs you both back at the construction site to help with the next load”.  It is amazing how much they listen to Mr. Tractor more than Mr. Daddy.

The stories sometimes do not make any sense, but who cares?  I only have a crowd of 2-3 to make happy, and they seem to be happy.  I have found that having children has really revitalized my creativity.  I am thankful that I get to be involved in their playtime.  It is a wonderful blessing.

I would love to hear your stories about your family’s improv theatre.
Have a great day!


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