The “Firsts” always bring a flood of emotions

History will judge if we are brave or foolish, but we are taking our boys on a trip to California this week.  The reason is a fantastic one, my brother-in-law is getting married in Santa Barbara.  No qualms there.

This will be our boys first time flying, and we know there will moments of frustration.  We just hope there are not too many.

Jen solicited ideas from family and friends about traveling with young children, who responded by taking their valuable time to provide wonderful insights.  We thank everyone for this.

One of the ideas Jen got was to provide “goodie bags” to all guests seated around your area, with a note inside asking for patience with our first flight with our boys’ names.  Jen took action and did this with the wording “Hi, our names are Ryan (3) and Sawyer (1.5) and we are really excited to be on our first airplane ride today.  We are going to be ring bearers in our uncle’s wedding.  We’re sorry if we are a little loud on the plane-our mom and dad are working really hard to keep up busy.  Here are some treats for you.  Enjoy!”

As she was telling me about this action, she could not finish her story because she started tearing up.  I love this woman so much, because she gets right into her soul and reaches mine with her spirituality.  It is amazing to have and share such deep feelings about our children.

Our AFS student, Matheus, is also coming along.  We are so pleased to share this experience with him and we hope it is a memorable journey for him as well.

If you have a memory of your first cross-country journey with your children, or have any last-minute advice, I would love to hear it.  I am sure I will have some good yarns to spin this week.  Thanks for reading!



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