Ryan has mastered the delay game……

During his legendary coaching career, Dean Smith of North Carolina developed and mastered the Four-Corner Offense, a delay game designed to protect a lead late in the game.

By spreading the floor and developing skilled ball handlers, defensive teams were forced to chase the ball.  North Carolina was able to draw fouls or get dribble penetration for layups.  They often were able to build on the lead they had when they started the Four Corners.

In high school, Triway was our opponent that had mastered this offense, coached by legendary coach Randy Montgomery.  We could never beat Triway, because they were good enough to go into this offense just leading by a couple of points and maintain or build on their lead.  His players were exceptional at handling the ball and making free throws down the stretch.

Recently, Ryan has developed his “delay game routine” during bedtime.  He doesn’t want to get out of the bathtub…. Then he brushes his teeth for two minutes… Then he goes to the bathroom… Then he wants to play with his toys..  Then he wants to read 4 books….then he wants a drink….a snack….say two things we are each thankful for….then prayers….and the bathroom again….take something downstairs….bring something from downstairs….

The thing is….these are all things we have encouraged…..What are the alternatives?

  • he is a dirty, smelly kid
  • smelly breath and filthy teeth
  • wet the bed
  • no imagination, plays video games
  • no desire to learn through reading
  • wakes up in the middle of the night because he is thirsty/hungry
  • has no sense of gratitude or appreciation
  • doesn’t think of others
  • takes out clutter
  • bring up a comfort item

When I look at this list in this way, do you think I mind the delay game in the grand scheme of things.  Absolutely not!  I never wake up feeling angry that I had the opportunity to spend extra time with him.  These delay game items are teaching him values and the thrill of learning.  These are foundation pieces.

I would love to hear about your children’s “delay games”.  Have a great day!


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