This is how you do it (Owning the Customer)!

In my last blog post, I talked about owning the customer.  I would be remiss if I did not give a recent example of this concept that was done by one of our Miami University student managers.

Our facility hosts a wide variety of swim meets with different age groups and guests.  I am always amazed by the amount of lost and found items left behind, ranging from swim suits, jackets, and towels to expensive electronic gizmos.

In January, one of the parents left behind an expensive gadget in our bleachers, which our staff found and put into our lost and found.  The next day, the customer called to inquire whether we had found this device.  Hannah Fickling, a student manager, answered the phone.  Hannah confirmed we did have the lost and found item.

Normally, the customer will make arrangements to pick up the item if they live nearby, or we will mail the item back.  When Hannah asked where the customer lived, the answer came back Cincinnati-area.

Hannah is from this area as well, and had planned on going to her parent’s house that week.  She told the customer she would be happy to return the item IN PERSON when she drove to her parent’s.  They made arrangements to meet, and the item was returned.

Hannah made this decision and initiative on her own……and Miami University Recreation Services shined because of her commitment to owning the customer. Hannah also now has a great story to share in job interviews as an example of going above and beyond.

Ms. Fickling brings great value and care to her work everyday, and this was a great example of her winning mindset.  Whoever hires her upon graduation will be getting someone who brings care for the customer as part of her skill set.

I would love to hear about great stories of customer service.  Have a great Monday!


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