Happy Mother’s Day

photo 1 (1)


We have arrived to Mother’s Day,

There is so much always to say,

How the most important person in my life,

Is my wonderful, wonderful wife.


She is such a terrific mother to our boys,

And it’s far beyond all their toys,

It’s the time each day she gives and gives,

That is teaching them how to live.


Whether showing them how to work or play,

She models it in the right way,

She is taking them down the proper path,

Even when it is hard to get them in the bath.


Parenting makes us mad, sad…..mostly glad,

The boys are great, but sometimes act bad,

Mom handles it all with love that is iron clad.


Children cannot pick their parents, this much is true,

But Ryan and Sawyer are lucky, I did the right thing for you.

You have the best mommy you possibly can,

The perfect gift in God’s plan.


Jennifer, I hope you have a great Mother’s Day,

We are the luckiest men in the world, I must say.


Love you perfect wife,







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