My small tribute to Basketball Coach Don Meyer

Recently, legendary college basketball coach Don Meyer passed away.  Don Meyer was not a household name in terms of celebrity, but he was well-known for in basketball circles by coaches for his instructional videos and camps, solid teams, and teacher.

Four years ago, I took an online basketball coaching from Don Meyer through Northern State University.  For the curriculum, I had access to notes and his videos teaching the game, and then had to submit a final paper.  I watched the videos countless times to get new ideas and define my approach to coaching.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity.

ESPN’s Buster Olney wrote a wonderful book a couple of years ago called How Lucky You Can Be:  The Don Meyer story.  While the book has many, many stories about the Coach, his family, players, and associates, I have included book notes in the two links below on what I considered basketball or leadership insights.  I hope you enjoy.

Book Notes Part One

Book Notes Part Two

Thank you for your service to the game and to the world, you will be missed.


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