70 years later, a chilling reminder…..

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  The news media is giving the event its due attention today.  I would urge you to give them a view to learn more about the invasion, I know I will.

Do you think your leadership role is too tough?  Imagine sending your troops into battle where casualties are estimated to be 75% or higher.  Could you do it? Could you live with it?

Could you have found the courage to push forward while getting seasick on the Landing Vehicle to the beach, then bullets, bombs, and your fellow troops are falling all around you?

Could you have remembered your job with all of this mayhem taking place around you?

Would you have been thinking about your loved ones?  And that you probably would never see them again?

If you were wounded, would you fight to stay alive?

How would you feel if you have to step over dead bodies everywhere to move forward?

Wars are glorified and victories celebrated…..think about the loss in the most brutal ways.

How would seeing and thinking about all of these impact your mental health moving forward?

Regardless of how you feel about the leadership that makes war inevitable throughout history….the courage and sacrifice of the soldier “just trying to do their job” demands to be respected and admired.  They did things most of us cannot even imagine.

Thank you veterans, you fought for an ideal and a mission most of us will never understand.  We should all try to live a life of value to honor the folks who made our opportunities possible.


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Brothers should bunk

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