Pride in the Alma Mater…..



Starting Thursday, June 19, Miami University is hosting its annual Alumni Weekend.  It is one of my favorite events I have the privilege to
work each year.

I take pride in learning and knowing the history of Miami University, and I love to add to this knowledge by talking to the alums who lived

Three themes always resonate from my discussions (four if you count the Redskins to Redhawks name change).  One, pride in being a Miamian.  Two, the relationships that were made.  Three, I cannot believe how much the campus and town have changed.

Change is a certainty, and change illicits very strong emotions.  If the building where you met your college sweetie is no longer standing, that’s a powerful emotion.  If the athletic venue where you cheered or played your school to victory is just a memory, you may have some longing to see it again.

At the Rec Center, we are part of that change for any alumni who matriculated before 1994.  I take great pride in the quality of our department and I love showing alums around.  “I wish this was here when I was”, “I would never go to class if I had this to use”, and “I cannot believe this building is 20 years old, you do a great job taking care of it”…..I love hearing this.  We do work hard to offer quality opportunities and taking care of what we have to offer.

The two questions I am going to ask this year to alums are “what was your favorite recreational activity” and “what makes Miami special to you”.  As always, I am hoping some former student recreation staff stop by and say hello.  It is a delight to see their families and catch up, and think about that time we worked together to offer something special to the miami community.

I would love to hear your thoughts about your alma mater(s).  Have a great day!


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