Fun hanging out with Sawyer

Over the last year, I have often worked later in the day on Mondays and have assumed the challenging, entertaining, and sometimes maddening responsibility of watching the boys while Jen works.  I love it!

Yesterday was an interesting day.  Ryan had all day preschool, which meant Sawyer-Daddy time.  On these Mondays, I often get valuable and appreciated assistance from my longtime friend Bob Beckett, whose time, friendship, and love I appreciate tremendously.  We have great talks on baseball, family, faith, and life.

After dropping Ryan off at school, Mr. Beckett and I took Sawyer on some adventures.  First, we went to Dogwood Park on Miami University’s Campus to feed the fish.  dg2010_2He had a good time there, but not for the reasons I thought.  Due to recent rains, the pond was muddy and the fish were hard to see, except when they popped up to eat the bread we threw in.  However…..the excavator and dump truck nearby renovating Symmes Hall… that was the excitement!  We went over and watched the access road get dug up for about 20 minutes….big time fun!

After this, we went exploring the Oxford’s well-known black-covered bridge.  oxfordcovered bridgeThis was a first time visit for Sawyer and Mr. Beckett, so we went into and under the well-preserved piece of history.  Sawyer loved throwing rocks and venturing a few steps into the waters of Four Mile Creek. The water was high and running fairly quickly….so we need a return visit so he can wade out further.

We returned home, and Mr. Beckett left…..I got ready for work and Jen came home.  I would be back that evening for more….

Our final adventure involved taking a bike ride, with me pulling Sawyer along.  We ventured out and stopped by a couple of houses.  The skies were darkening, and our friends offered a ride home.  I responded with a heroic “we’ll make it home before anything happens”.  Well……the wind began gusting about halfway home, so I decided to stop by Mr. Beckett’s house.  He let us hang out there until the storm blew off.  It ended up being a small storm rain-wise, but the wind gusts and lightening forced us to take cover.

For our final act, I got to give Sawyer his bath and put him to bed.  We read the classic Berenstain bear book on manners, and then I got ready to lift him into bed.  I asked him for a big hug.  He gave me a slobberly wet kiss, then gave me a long squeeze, and then another wet kiss.  He smiled and I put him into bed.  He said “night, night daddy” and laid right down to sleep (very unusual).

A good day….please share your stories with me.  Have a great day!



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