Pee Pee Pockets and Throwing Rocks

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I had an interesting evening last night.  Upon arriving home and getting the update from our babysitter, I told the boys after we ate supper, we would go to the park and see mommy working the high ropes course.  Jen had been working all day, and I knew the boys wanted to see her.  It is always a risk to take the boys to see her, knowing that they won’t see her again before going to bed.  I also talked to the boys about playing in the creek (that’s pronounced crick) after we saw her.

Sawyer had battled a slight fever throughout the day, but was feeling better when we got ready to leave.  I loaded the boys, some snacks, and our trusty double-seated stroller  into the van and started our journey.

Jen was working a youth camp ran by local LEO’s (law enforcement officers).  The parking lot was jammed with police cruisers and other borderline military-style vehicles, a sight that makes a libertarian cringe, but is a visual delight for a child.

We began our long ascent from the bottom of the valley in the park.  I thought Ryan would want to ride in the stroller after a while, but he did great hiking up the hill on his own.  We got to see Jen on top of the high ropes tower, and the boys said their hellos and goodbyes.  Ryan kept asking, “Can I go up there and see momma?”  When you are a little bit older, buddy…..

It took some doing, but I was able to convince Ryan and Sawyer that leaving momma was okay, because we were going to go and play in the creek.  I was also hoping the water would cool down Sawyer, since he was starting to get warm again.  We traversed back down the hill, Ryan again did a great job hiking on his own.

When we got to the water, the boys really enjoyed playing by a small waterfall in waist-deep water and throwing rocks.  I am convinced the boys would throw rocks in the water from sun up to sun down if we gave that choice to them.  It is pretty cool…..picking up a good rock, seeing how far you can throw it, how big a splash it makes…..very cool.  Sawyer was trying to pick up rocks that were almost bigger than him, that was a hoot watching him grunt and tug trying to move it.  We had a great time, until Ryan decided that taking off on his own was more important than listening to daddy.  When he is able to swim, that can be a choice…but last night, it caused us to cut our creek time short and head back home.  A police officer kindly gave us a tour of a cruiser, which Ryan enjoyed sitting in.

When we got home, it was snack time (and medicine time for Sawyer).  I got the bath ready and the boys did great.  We are really challenging Ryan to dress himself more and more.  Sometimes he does it with no problem, sometimes he wants us to do it for him since he is a “baby”, and sometimes he puts his clothes on backwards.

For some reason, it does not really matter if the underwear are on forward or backward on adult underwear.  However, for children’s underwear, there is a major (and uncomfortable) difference.  Ryan put his underwear on backwards, and he asked a great question.  “Daddy, how do I know which part goes in the front?”

“Ryan, the tag goes in the back, and the Pee Pee pockets go in the front.”

“Pee Pee pockets, Daddy?”

“Sure, that’s what they are called.”

Ryan loved the terminology, and kept repeating it as he got dressed.  I hope he remembers this the next time he gets dressed…..I think he will.  When I look back on this in the future, it may really be a teaching highlight……I taught Ryan about Pee Pee pockets……

Have a great day!

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