Adios Cancun… vuelta a Ohio

Back from Cancun!

This past week, Jen and I had the privilege of going to a resort in Cancun, Mexico to watch my brother Kevin get married.

Kevin and Tricia taking their vows.

Kevin and Tricia taking their vows.

Besides the wedding, what made this eventful was this was the longest Jen and I would be away from the boys at the same time.  (Thanks to my mother-in-law and boyfriend for taking care of the boys).  This was almost a second honeymoon for us!

Here were some highlights from the trip:

  • great weather
  • a chance to relax and spend time with Jen
  • spending time with my parents and brothers Kevin and Tom
  • getting to spend time with my nephew Logan (1 year old)….and hearing the announcement he is going to have a baby sister
  • snorkeling for the first time…..I never got the hang of breathing through the tube though….amazing underwater views of reefs and aquatic life
  • five days with no cell phone (old school)
  • biking around the city

I was tremendously impressed by the “culture of service” that the Riu Palace resort staff demonstrated throughout the week.  Their industriousness, speed, and smiles could not be overlooked.  From the custodial staff to front desk staff to wait staff, the attention to detail in their jobs was inspirational.  As a leader, I was inspired to be more energetic, friendly, move quickly, and serve others.  I don’t know if other resorts are like this, or what training Riu Palace employs.  It is apparent their expectations are high and the inspection process is intense.  No slackers are allowed on this team!

After returning to Ohio, we were so thankful to see our boys again.  They wore Nana out!  Ryan was under the weather and you could tell he was off.

Before making it back to Oxford, I took Sawyer to the Freedom Horse Farm operated by Joy Lenarth and her husband Victor.  The Lenarths are two of my wonderful friends from high school and they do an amazing job with their farm.  Sawyer had a great time walking around and making “neigh” sounds.

I am amazed at the universe.  We had stopped at a park near my hometown so the boys could get some energy out.  I was thinking that I should call the Lenarths to see if I could bring the boys to their farm.  Right then, Joy and her mom appeared on the trail with two of Joy’s sons.

Our last stop before arriving back home was at the Mansfield Carrousel.  Ryan was not interested in riding, but I think Sawyer would have rode it all day if able.  I love seeing that boy smile!

I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to spend time with family and relax.  I hope your families have had a chance to get away and rejuvenate.  I would love to hear about your experiences.  Have a great day!


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