Those Old Wives are pretty smart…..



I get sore throats seemingly for one of two reasons:  I eat a lot of chocolate (what is a lot chocolate, I’m not sure) or the weather is changing temperature and air pressure.  Weather is always changing, but this time it has been in the 50’s at night and 80’s during the day.


I woke up the last two mornings, but particularly this morning, with a very sore throat from the dreaded PND (post-nasal drip).  Even now, I can feel the mucous draining from my nose down my throat (if you are eating and this is gross, I apologize).


In some discomfort, I turned to my tried and true method of sucking on a lemon slice.  I crammed a lemon slice in my mouth and sucked on it while I wrote this blog post and took the dogs for a walk.  Wonder of wonders…the pain went away dramatically and the mucous was easily to expel (hocking loogys).  This article explains why.


I heard about this remedy not from an old wife (I would caution about ever calling a woman old, by the way, especially if she appears over 30).  My great friend Bill Coersmeyer discussed this remedy during a high school choir practice.  Bill has a wonderful singing voice, but he was getting a sore throat and losing his voice.  He sucked on some lemon slices, and was ready to go for the show.  I have always remembered this and used this remedy time and time again.  I have passed this nugget on to countless people who had sore throats.


Clearly, Bill was not an “old wife” at the time, nor is he today.  He may have gotten the tip from his lovely mother, who is a tremendous singer and clearly had some previous experience.  Where she got the trip….I don’t know.


There are dozens and dozens of these old wives’ tales…..of course there are multiple lists on the internet, here is one that is very detailed.


Next step, trying the old wife tale of using honey water to help with the sore throat…that sounds tasty.


What are your favorite “Old Wive’s tales”?  Drop me a note using the comment form.  Have a great day!


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