If you want my vote…….

If you want my vote, say that you support or work will for a majority of these items:

  • Fulfill your voting obligation
  • Follow the constitution
  • Vote for balanced budgets only, strive to operate in the black to pay off debt
  • I will not hold it against you if you don’t bring any earmarks “home”.  I would prefer that you vote to stop the earmark process all together
  • Never, ever vote to spend money on a new initiative without cutting another area to pay for it
  • Reform tax code, reduce tax levels across the board, and reduce regulations
  • Strive to reduce entitlements and stop corporate welfare
  • Stand up for checks & balances….I don’t expect the president to do it alone….I don’t want the president doing it alone
  • Work to protect individual rights, including the unborn.  Abortion is murder.
  • Support school choice…..don’t restrict school choice/take money from teacher unions….then send your kids to private school
  • Support a reduction/stop in the drug war
  • Support non-interventionism
  • Push for FED transparency…pushing for abolishment would be better

If you say you support a majority of these, I will vote for you.  If your voting record strays from what you say, I will not vote for you the next time.

I would like to hear what your hot button issues are, and what’s important to you.  Take care.


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