The #Basketball BALL Match Up Zone Defense

One simple change-To Zone or not to Zone, that is the question…


In the dozen years I coached basketball at different levels, I experienced a paradigm shift on using zone defenses.  My initial thought was man-to-man defense was the only way to go, if I wanted to be “tough”.  Using a zone defense means your team is “soft” or not good enough.  Even today, I strongly encourage youth coaches up to early high school years teach man-to-man defense to build a strong foundational base of fundamentals.  


In recent years, my thoughts became centered on, what gives my team a chance to win?  And more specifically, what can I do to help my team stop dribble penetration and reduce the effectiveness of the ball screen offensive tactics?


This video explains why we deployed this zone defensive system.


From my videos and book, I have spoken to several coaches in more detail about the system.  This is a testimonial from Coach Duncan:


“Hey coach, I did complete the book about a week ago and it was great! The book answered all of my questions and it was well organized. Now I have more confidence in teaching the zone especially with some of the breakdown drills it offers. Thank you so much I can’t wait to install this zone with my team.”

-Coach Artemus Blake Duncan, AAU Texas Trail Blazer Head Coach & Assistant High School Coach at St. Thomas Aquinas in Hammond, LA


Does this system seem like it can help your team?


For only $3.99, coaches can get an instant E-book download from Amazon to your Kindle device, click here.  

ron zone book


This book contains the basic defensive slides, diagrams, and YouTube Videos to learn the system.

Here are fantastic resources about zone defense:

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me via twitter @RonSiliko or  Thank you for your time.





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