The Outstanding Ohioans show, Ep. 9 interview with @Galen_Lehman of @Lehmans

Integrity….Fairness….Relationships….Helping Others….Self-Reliance

These are the core values the Lehman (pronounced Layman) family has operated with since 1955 when Jay Lehman opened the store in Kidron, Ohio.  Here is their story.

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Lehman’s has been a tremendous success selling mainly non-electrical products, beginning with serving the Amish community.  Inevitably, when there is a disaster or fuel crisis in Ohio, regionally, or nationally, Lehman’s makes the news because of overwhelming demand for products to help in the emergency situations.

During this interview with Jay’s son, President and Co-Owner Galen Lehman. listeners will hear:

  • why Jay Lehman created this business
  • how the business specialized in hard-to-find products
  • that the family spent several years living in Kenya, Africa, and how that helped them with their business when they returned to Ohio
  • expanding into the catalog, and then internet sales
  • how they expanded into manufacturing their own products
  • the different sections of the store, and how they serve different interests
  • full service of products, how-to books, and knowledgeable team members
  • leaving a legacy of preserving a self-reliant way of life

To learn more about this unique store go to Lehman’s website.

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