The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 46-Interview with Ryan Borgman, President of @BorgAthletics

This show brings the audience great things Ohioans are doing to make their communities, the state, the region, and the world a better place as entrepreneurs, leaders, historical and popular culture figures.

For Episode 46, I had the good fortune to interview Ryan Borgman, President of Borgman Athletics.  Borgman Athletics’ motto is “We Make Sports Happen”.  Check out the photo gallery of the type of work Borgman Athletics does.

So many of us participate or spectate sports indoors and outdoors.  The demand and expectations of the users is extremely high.  Facility space is often at a premium, and Borgman Athletics specializes in creative solutions to maximize and optimize the safety of these facilities.

To listen to the show, click on one of the following:

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Ryan’s career path, and the valuable lessons of customer service, hard work, creativity, and attention to detail that he learned along the way.
  • Who served as Ryan’s mentors
  • the importance of relationships
  • giving back to the community
  • the necessity of a leader staying positive and solving problems
  • the type of work Borgman Athletics started with, who they partner with, and how their business is growing and diversifying
  • the adversity Ryan faced in his business, and how he moved his organization and team forward
  • the ways Ryan works to recruit, develop, and retain his team
  • desire to brand the Borgman name to build upon the legacy created by his predecessors

To reach Ryan and Borgman Athletics, you may do the following:

Thank you for listening, have a great Easter!





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