If I Got Hit By A Bus-Video 12-Sadness and Joy

pick up

If I Got Hit By A Bus-Video 12

Based on on work schedules, I am often in charge of dropping the boys off to their designated care giver (school, camp, sitter, etc.).  This is often a time of great sadness.

I NEVER am happy to say goodbye to the boys.  I get no greater joy than spending time with them.  I recognize the value of my other commitments, it is just hard to say goodbye to them.

It’s REALLY tough when Ryan and/or Sawyer cling on to me and are screaming “I want to stay with you daddy”.  I’m in complete agreement….I want to stay with them too.  We have such a blast exploring our world together.  We have our challenging moments, but most of the time we have an incredibly powerful connection to each other.

As tough as these goodbyes are, it is a 360 degree flip when I get to pick them up.  We are often so happy to see each other.  We run to meet each other and greet with hugs.  It is an incredibly powerful feeling of joy and validation.

What speaks to me the most is simply the thought of being present and engaged with them when we are together.  Working through distractions and trying to single focus is challenging.  There is also a balance between trying to actively do things together and then simply letting them go explore on their own.

Hug your kids, kiss your kids, and tell them you love them.  It is a blessing that they want to be around you.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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