The Outstanding Ohioans Show, Episode 13-The life of William McGuffey, the “Educator of the Nation”


Can you imagine being the author of a book that has sold 122 million copies?  No American author can, except for educator William McGuffey (1800-1873), who spent most of his life in Ohio.  This podcast episode will bring you the interesting tale of Mr. McGuffey’s remarkable life and accomplishments.

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McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader, were the standard reading, english, and grammar textbook in elementary schools and one-room schoolhouses across the country from 1836-1920’s and are still is used by some groups, particularly homeschooled students today.

Professor McGuffey was a famous educator who worked at Washington College, Miami University, Ohio University, and the University of Virginia during his famous career.  He was also an ordained minister active and served his communities in this capacity.

In this interview with Stephen Gordon, my friend and colleague at Miami University, the listener will hear about the life and accomplishments of the “Teacher of the Nation”.  Stephen is the curator of the McGuffey Museum at Miami University and a renowned historian of Mr. McGuffey.

To connect with Mr. Gordon to learn more about the McGuffey museum, send him an email at


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