Ryan accomplishes a Milestone

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, Ryan succeeded in riding his bicycle with the training wheels off.  What thrills and chills watching him fall, get rolling, crash, and getting back up!

When Ryan came to us wanting to do this, we got him set up.  First, we put him in the grass and taught him how to catch himself and fall by trying to balance from a standstill position.  We then took him to a small grassy hill in the yard to practice rolling, stopping, and falling.  After this, we took him to the sidewalk.

I helped him getting moving, and then he began.  5 yards, 10 yards, 25 yards, and then further and further he got going.  Watching him fall was tough, but he got up each time with more determination.  Here is a video 30 minutes after he got on the sidewalk:

Needless to say, Ryan spent a considerable amount of time biking this weekend.  He is still learning how to brake, turn sharply, and getting going.  More importantly, we talked about “defensive driving” and staying alert.  Developing an awareness of other’s blind spots from their cars is important.  Learning how to make the split-second actions will come with more and more practice.

A funny moment (funny only because he got right back up) occurred when we biked down the trail from our house.  We went to the Wal-Mart parking lot before turning back around to come home.  We rolled down a hill and Ryan was headed right for a curb bordering an island.  I yelled “Ryan!”, which had little value from an advice and action standpoint.  He hit it head-on and flipped head-first into the rocks.

He quickly got up and said “Sorry Dad, I’m okay.”

“Why didn’t you stop or turn?”  I asked

He said “I couldn’t turn Dad”.

He got right up and wanted to keep going.  I am so proud and thankful I got to be part of his success and achievement.  Thank you Ryan!




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