Don’t Take Your Mama’s Name In Vain

lords name

Growing up, if you lived in a religious family, or a church-going family (yes, they can be mutually exclusive), or a God-fearing family, you were told never to take the Lord’s name in vain.

“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, God-dammit.”

Over the past few months, Ryan and Sawyer have taken Mommy and Daddy’s name in vain.  When Jen or I tell the boys no, their response is inevitably “Mama said I (we) could”.

“Can I have a popsicle Daddy?”

“No, it’s too sweet to eat right before bed.”

“Mama said we could.”

“Oh really, well if Mama said, ok.”

Jen comes around the corner moments after I open the popsicles.  “What’s going on here?”

“The boys said you gave them permission to eat popsicles.”

“No I didn’t.  You fell for their trick again?!”

I fell for this ruse a few times, and then was subjected to a lesson in parenting from Jen. We agreed to confer with each other and try to discuss what we talked about with the boys.   Now when I hear this, I just tell the boys “She did?  I will have to check with her.”

I love the battle of wits, even though I often lose.

Books I’m reading right now.

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The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 52-Interview with Rikki Teeters, Owner/Founder of @OhioExplored





For episode 52 of The Outstanding Ohioans show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rikki Teeters, Owner/Founder of Ohio Explored LLC.  We had a great conversation about our mutual love for the Buckeye State, and discovered some things we had in common.

To connect with the Outstanding Ohioans show, here are a few ways:

I was so impressed to hear how Rikki pivoted from a great job in Portland, Oregon and how she envisioned and created Ohio Explored.  Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • Growing up in Waverly, Ohio, and who her role models were
  • how she developed her creativity and technology skills
  • Her experience at Miami University, and how her User Experience Designer skills serve her in this ownership role
  • the value of combining interests and disciplines to create great work
  • her reason for starting Ohio Explored, based on a lack of information
  • what she wants the “heads down” generation to do
  • what surprises people about Ohio
  • what sites/attractions does she hear people talk about the most-among those we talked about were:  Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, Hocking Hills, Cleveland Metroparks, Toledo Metroparks, Cincinnati Parks
  • what is her favorite place in Ohio
  • how to apply to be a featured Ohio Explorer
  • the Ohio Explored Product Line
  • she wants her legacy to be that “Ohio is a beautiful place and we need to enjoy it”

Connect with Ohio Explored on the website; instagram; twitter; facebook

Thank you for listening, have a great day!

The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 51-Interview with Gary Adams, retired NCAA baseball coach and author

coach wooden book

For many of us involved in athletics, we dream of one day coming back to coach at our alma mater.  For Gary Adams, not only did he achieve this dream, he got to be mentored by none other than John Wooden.  His book, Conversations with Coach Wooden:  On Baseball, Heroes, and Life, is a great book talking about his relationship with Coach Wooden and their mutual love of the game of baseball.

Through this book, Coach Adams has written a great legacy piece about Coach Wooden, as well as his outstanding baseball program.

To connect with the Outstanding Ohioans show, here are a few ways:

Here were some highlights of our conversation:

  • Coach Adams grew up in Hamilton, Ohio, where he lived to the age of 14 before moving to California.
  • how him and his twin brother got interested in baseball from their Uncle, who played in the minors
  • idolizing future Major Leaguer Joe Nuxhall, who was seven years older, and remains the youngest player to play a major league game ever
  • listening to Waite Hoyt broadcast Cincinnati Reds games and becoming an Ohio State fan
  • playing baseball at UCLA, and observing John Wooden on campus
  • getting hired to coach at UCLA, and how Coach Wooden came to share his office
  • specific things he learned from Coach Wooden
  • Coach Adams “Sphere of Commitment”, based on character, team, academics, career built around family & faith
  • what was more important to Coach Wooden than winning?
  • Coach Adams and Coach Wooden strongly believed in leading by example
  • Coach Wooden’s sense of humor and the pigeon story
  • what kind of baseball player was John Wooden?
  • John Wooden’s “unique” baseball job offer
  • challenge of writing this book
  • Wooden’s reaction to a “bean ball” war between UCLA and Arizona State, when ASU was targeting Troy Glaus
  • how both coaches became authors upon retiring from coaching
  • the kinds of books Gary and his wife Sandra have written
  • Gary wants his legacy to be “a normal person who was considerate of others”

Thank you to Gary for sharing his great stories.  I highly recommend his book for anyone who is a baseball and/or John Wooden fan.

The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 49-My reflection on the first 48 episodes and the future of the show


For episode 49 of the show, I wanted to reflect on where we are as a show and where we are going.  I am so thankful for the great guests I have had the privilege of having a conversation with.

To connect with the show, here are a few ways:

For starters, we have a new logo for the show, designed by Miami University graduate David Allen Burns (’16).  I knew David from working with him at the Miami University Rec Center, where he did an outstanding job helping to run our aquatic operations.  Thank you David!

As intended, the purpose of this show is to share the great success stories of Ohioans doing remarkable things in their communities of varying sizes.  Through the wide range of guests, the common traits I have heard are the following:

  • great personal values and great role models
  • high belief & hope
  • monster impact and love of serving others
  • humble with great self-esteem
  • commitment to quality
  • leaders in their community
  • desire to leave a great legacy
  • pride of place

Moving forward, here are my goals in the future development of the show:

  • keep talking to unique, interesting people, giving them another platform to share their remarkable stories
  • develop a set schedule for show releases
  • involve the audience more
  • improve the production quality of the podcast
  • grow the audience
  • partner with great sponsors with high value and purpose

Thank you for your continued listening & support!


The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 47- Sunglasses for any situation, Interview with Dan Robinette, Sales Manager of @UmbraSunglasses


For episode 47 of The Outstanding Ohioans show, I had the great pleasure to interview Dan Robinette, Sales Manager for Umbra Sunglasses and an aspiring chemistry teacher.

To listen to the show, click on one of the following:

During our conversation, here were some of the topics we discussed:

  • Growing up in Dayton, Ohio and how he developed a fondness for the outdoors
  • the influential people who shaped his life
  • how he came to grow in his religious faith
  • why he is drawn to being outside facing the “challenge” of nature
  • what he got out of his time at Miami University
  • the story of how he met his wife in 2009
  • his occupations post-Miami and decision to visit Turkey
  • how his work in Turkey connected him to his current role with Umbra Sunglasses via Marvin Wilson
  • what makes the Umbra product so unique, including the name itself
  • his alternative pathway Ohio offers to becoming a teacher
  • His legacy challenge:  Raise his children to have a greater impact on the world than he has had
  • how to contact Umbra Sunglasses

To connect with me, you can email me at