The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 35-Interview with Aaron Keith Harris, Deputy Communications Director of the Ohio Libertarian Party

For the Episode 35, I had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron Harris, the Deputy Communications Director/Central Committee Member/Spokesman for the Libertarian Party of Ohio.

To listen to the show, click on one of the following:

Aaron became involved in the Libertarian Party when he felt the Republican Party was not representing his views on liberty and fiscal management.  Here were the topics we discussed:

  • growing up in Fairborn, Ohio
  • his professional background as a teacher, journalist, and writer
  • what is a libertarian?
  • how he got involved with libertarian party?
  • issues with ballot access for candidates outside the two major parties, including the current lawsuit between the Libertarian Party of Ohio and Husted
  • Documentary Of the People, By the People, For the People
  • what’s his take on Governor Kasich’s performance
  • what changes are needed in the tax code and entitlement programs
  • the current ballot issue about the legalization of marijuana
  • how supporting property rights and the free market is a better way to protect the environment and individuals than regulations
  • how Murray Rothbard influenced his thinking

I admire Aaron because he believes strongly in his cause, and he takes massive action to move his cause forward.  I believe the “silent majority” supports most libertarian viewpoints, and it is my hope that more support goes toward

To connect with Aaron, you can call him at 937.825.0204 or email at

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The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 49-My reflection on the first 48 episodes and the future of the show


For episode 49 of the show, I wanted to reflect on where we are as a show and where we are going.  I am so thankful for the great guests I have had the privilege of having a conversation with.

To connect with the show, here are a few ways:

For starters, we have a new logo for the show, designed by Miami University graduate David Allen Burns (’16).  I knew David from working with him at the Miami University Rec Center, where he did an outstanding job helping to run our aquatic operations.  Thank you David!

As intended, the purpose of this show is to share the great success stories of Ohioans doing remarkable things in their communities of varying sizes.  Through the wide range of guests, the common traits I have heard are the following:

  • great personal values and great role models
  • high belief & hope
  • monster impact and love of serving others
  • humble with great self-esteem
  • commitment to quality
  • leaders in their community
  • desire to leave a great legacy
  • pride of place

Moving forward, here are my goals in the future development of the show:

  • keep talking to unique, interesting people, giving them another platform to share their remarkable stories
  • develop a set schedule for show releases
  • involve the audience more
  • improve the production quality of the podcast
  • grow the audience
  • partner with great sponsors with high value and purpose

Thank you for your continued listening & support!


If you want my vote…….

If you want my vote, say that you support or work will for a majority of these items:

  • Fulfill your voting obligation
  • Follow the constitution
  • Vote for balanced budgets only, strive to operate in the black to pay off debt
  • I will not hold it against you if you don’t bring any earmarks “home”.  I would prefer that you vote to stop the earmark process all together
  • Never, ever vote to spend money on a new initiative without cutting another area to pay for it
  • Reform tax code, reduce tax levels across the board, and reduce regulations
  • Strive to reduce entitlements and stop corporate welfare
  • Stand up for checks & balances….I don’t expect the president to do it alone….I don’t want the president doing it alone
  • Work to protect individual rights, including the unborn.  Abortion is murder.
  • Support school choice…..don’t restrict school choice/take money from teacher unions….then send your kids to private school
  • Support a reduction/stop in the drug war
  • Support non-interventionism
  • Push for FED transparency…pushing for abolishment would be better

If you say you support a majority of these, I will vote for you.  If your voting record strays from what you say, I will not vote for you the next time.

I would like to hear what your hot button issues are, and what’s important to you.  Take care.