5 great books for working on the personal development of young student athletes

What I like about these books the most is the focus on whole-person development for both coaches and student-athletes.  Great talking points, strategies, and frameworks for getting clarity, focus, and initiative toward being the best person you can be.

the-winners-manual_1    The Winner’s Manual  by Jim Tressel


bilas        Toughness:  Developing True Strength On and Off the Court by Jay Bilas


golden whistle       The Golden Whistle  Going Beyond The Journey to Coaching Success by Jim Burson


joeehrmann        InsideOut Coaching:  How Sports Can Transform Lives by Joe Ehrmann


todd gongwer       Lead for God’s Sake!  A parable for finding the heart of leadership by Todd Gongwer

I would love to hear your recommendations on other books.  Thank you for reading.