The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 58-Conversation with Nick Petro, Life Coach/Speaker/Author/Owner of the Nick Petro Company

This show brings the audience great things Ohioans are doing to make their communities, the state, the region, and the world a better place as entrepreneurs, leaders, historical and popular culture figures.

For episode 58, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Petro, Life Coach/Speaker/Author and Owner of The Nick Petro Company. To connect with the Outstanding Ohioans show, here are a few ways:

Here were the topics we discussed in our conversation:

  • Growing up in Northeast Ohio
  • The role of his Dad and Mom in shaping his life
  • His journey on working with youth, his move to Encinitas, CA, and his current path
  • The inspirational story of his hero, his brother Corey
  • His other influences in life, such as Tony Robbins
  • Two pieces of advice working with youth-Earn the right to be heard, and Meet them where they are.
  • How he came up with the Seven Pillars as a framework and his process for writing the book
  • the importance of Legacy

Nick can be reached at his website

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Recognition, We Crave It…..

Recognition, Attention, Being Noticed, Appreciation.  Whatever you call it, we NEED it, we crave it.  We also should be providing it to those we care about.  Recognition is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal, usually at little or no personal cost.

An on-going survey from Gallup has data illustrating that organizations with the most engaged employees has employees who received recognition or praise for doing good work at least once in the past seven days.  To nurture great relationships among family, friends, and others in your life, recognition makes both parties feel good.

Like most things, recognition can be taken overboard, done half-heartedly, cause bitterness, or ignored.  This mind map illustrates some of the components about recognition.



Here are some tips to make recognition great:

  • BE SPECIFIC mentioning the action that made the recognition worth noting
  • state the IMPORTANCE of the action
  • state the IMPACT on all facets that were positively effected
  • REFER to your organizational values, core values, etc.
  • discuss the positive customer impact
  • reward the recognition commiserate with the value created, do not be miserly or overly generous
  • does the recipient prefer public or private recognition
  • if public, does your culture embrace positive recognition or are you looking to get to that stage
  • don’t just give recognition because it is someone’s turn
  • can you give gifts?
  • make the action receiving recognition part of your organization’s story, promotes the action trying to incorporate into culture

Be a better leader, parent, child, grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teammate, co-worker, supervisor, coach, etc.

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