Winter Is What You Make Of It…..


Ryan taking his hacks on February 5, 2017

To a typical Midwesterner, Winter in Ohio means cold and snow.  Bundling up, shoveling snow, snowball fights and forts, ice fishing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and sledding are just some of the activities Ohioans get to enjoy.  Growing up in Northeast Ohio, snow and ice were commonplace.  If memory serves, I do not remember the last of the 9 foot tall snow piles from the Blizzard of ’78 melting until April.

However, living in Southwest Ohio for the past 2o winters, we have the cold temperatures, but not much snow.  If we’re going to have cold weather, I want the snow too.  A couple of inches of snow in SW Ohio, is cause for alarm, while this amount in NE Ohio is a mere nuisance.

The winter of 2016-2017 has had little snowfall, some cold, and some exceptionally warm days.  There have been numerous days in the 40’s, some in the 50’s, and a few in the 60’s.  The picture above was on one of the high 50 degree days.

With unusual circumstances, comes opportunity.  These unusually warmer days have allowed us to spend more time outside playing (it seems during bone-chilling weather, parents spend more time bundling and unbundling their youngsters than the actual amount of time they play outside).  Here are some of the activities we have had the chance to do often rare in this time of year:

  • camp outside
  • night crawler hunting (the evening of February 7th was incredible, night crawlers were diving back into their tunnels with every step we took)
  • play baseball
  • take a long bike ride through town
  • hikes
  • water balloon and water gun fights
  • playing on the playground

I wrote this article on a day that we had enough snowfall to cover the ground.  I am not sure who’s hoping more for a snow day tomorrow, myself or my boys.  Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your favorite winter activities.



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