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Today’s notes are taken from Og Mandino’s classic book The Greatest Salesman In The World.

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#Lunchboxnotes 3.27.17 #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning

Today’s notes are taken from Og Mandino’s classic book The Greatest Salesman In The World.

To order a copy of Ron’s #Lunchboxnotes 2016 ebook, click here.

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The 6-E Speaker/Coach

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Using my 6-E Model, I am committed to enriching individuals and organizations through personal development, purposeful, engaged leadership, and a dynamic culture.  Our partnership will result in a tangible plan for personal growth and organizational success.


My topics revolve around concepts from my 6-E MODEL of Energy; Emotional Intelligence; Expectations; Empowerment; Execution; & Evaluation.  Here’s a sample list of speaking opportunities:


Dust Off the Shelf or Everything Old is New Again Service with a Smile is _____Style
Who’s the Best or Be a Copycat Pure 401K
I Heart Big Ego’s This is Your Mission, Do You Know It?
How’s Your Boss (You)? The Golden Rule is Nonsense
Work on Your Six-Pack Out Blank ‘Em
Are You Building a Cathedral? Feedback, the Breakfast of Champions
If I Got Hit by a Bus Clean Your Laundry or A Fine Whine
Roo-Teen Your Six Servants

If my purpose and skill set can be of value in your life, please contact me at (513) 529-8148 or ronsiliko@gmail.com.  I look forward to talking to you.




My speech to our student management staff on personal development


Ron’s Leadership/Personal Development Resources/Notes


If you believe it, you can achieve it.


In customer service, it is important to realize patrons don’t know/understand our terminology.  We must interpret, ask questions, create links, and ask for affirmation.


You will be the same person five years from now that you are today, except for the people in your life and what you learn.


Expectations of children, why not adults?


  • If reading is important for children, it is important for you!
  • You are the average of the Five People you associate with the most.  Are you getting value in these relationships?


Utilize the University On Wheels, Exercising Your Body and Mind.


What’s on your Twitter feed?  Best way to filter your information


John Wooden Pyramid of Success


Next play…but reflect later for improvement


Starting is half-finished


Fail forward


Parkinson’s law


Don’t worry about what to do in the next 3 days, get to work for the next 15 minutes


30 day habits


Andy Andrews Seven Decisions


  • The Buck Stops Here
  • I will seek wisdom
  • I am a person of action
  • I have a decided heart
  • Today, I will choose to be happy
  • I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit
  • I will persist without exception


Find someone who is doing what you want to do, and develop a relationship with them.  Search for podcasts, YouTube subscriptions


Don’t want to purchase books, use your free library card.


One resource will lead you to another, which leads you to another in an endless web of resources, learning, and skill acquisition.


Here are some resources I believe will aid tremendously in your personal development::


Trust Your Process….Second Thoughts often lead to playing catch up

Over the last two weeks, I refined and defined my morning routine.  I want to be up at 4a to complete at least two of my projects before going to work or being daddy.  I try to map out my day the night before so my subconscious is aware.  Often, I am up before my alarm goes off.

This morning presented an opportunity that I did not take advantage of.  Ryan woke me up yelling “daddy, daddy, help me, help me!”  Because (a):  it sounded like an emergency (b):  I did not want him to wake up Sawyer (c):  he was calling for me, not mommy; I jumped from my bed quick as a flash to see what ’twas the matter.

After feeling my way through the darkness, I found a light and turned it on before going up the stairs (no toy monsters grabbed my feet today) to Ryan’s room.  The “emergency” was that Jeffrey the giraffe fell out his bed.  He could have bent over out of bed to pick it up, that’s how close it was.  Nevertheless, I am always happy to see him so I did what he asked and told him to go back to sleep.  What amazes me is how he knows when one of his pets has fallen out of bed….it’s dark and he has around 15 stuffed animals or toys in bed in with him.

After returning to bed, the clock said 3:39a.  Ryan had gotten me up just before my alarm, what a wonderful opportunity!  Instead, I rationalized that I needed more sleep and reset the alarm to 5a, which then became 5:26a after snoozing the alarm multiple times.  The Ryan wake up had me feeling fresh and raring to go….laying down and sleeping extra made me groggy.  Also, I forgot that I have a meditation/reflection time around 6a in which I get a nice refreshing power nap.

After getting going, I was not able to accomplish much this morning, and felt like I started the day behind.  The lesson I learned is…..trust the process I have laid out.  I gave it a great deal of thought and I am extremely focused and productive when I do so.  If a process is not working, you learn from it later and make changes as needed.  Trust YOUR process.

I would love to hear about any processes you use to get the most out of your day.  Take care and thank you for reading.




5 great books for working on the personal development of young student athletes

What I like about these books the most is the focus on whole-person development for both coaches and student-athletes.  Great talking points, strategies, and frameworks for getting clarity, focus, and initiative toward being the best person you can be.

the-winners-manual_1    The Winner’s Manual  by Jim Tressel


bilas        Toughness:  Developing True Strength On and Off the Court by Jay Bilas


golden whistle       The Golden Whistle  Going Beyond The Journey to Coaching Success by Jim Burson


joeehrmann        InsideOut Coaching:  How Sports Can Transform Lives by Joe Ehrmann


todd gongwer       Lead for God’s Sake!  A parable for finding the heart of leadership by Todd Gongwer

I would love to hear your recommendations on other books.  Thank you for reading.