The Outstanding Ohioans Show, Episode 60-Travel Slowly and Stop Often

This show brings the audience great things Ohioans are doing to make their communities, the state, the region, and the world a better place as entrepreneurs, leaders, historical and popular culture figures.

For episode 60, I had the pleasure of speaking with Satolli Glassmeyer, President of History In Your Own Backyard. Satolli has produced 325 videos (and counting) documenting local history in five states in various communities.  These videos are archived into state collections to preserve the documentation.

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Here were the topics we discussed in our conversation:

  • growing up on the west side of Cincinnati
  • how taking up to 100 mile bike trips sparked an interest in learning about the stories behind the sights he saw on these trips
  • The three reasons he created this business:
    • Educate younger generations so there is a desire to maintain local history
    • Educate the general public
    • Create archives that will be preserved in State History Libraries
  • how watching the TV show On The Road with Charles Kuralt influenced Satolli
  • his process of selecting the topic, production, and distribution
  • the experience of climbing a bell tower during a courthouse video shoot
  • upcoming projects
  • how to connect and contact Satolli History In Your Own Backyard

I highly recommend The Tuttle Twin book series by Connor Boyack to teach the principles of freedom to children.

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