Legacy Living-Sawyer’s Bedtime Routine

I am participating in this routine every chance I get, because I know one day he’ll outgrow it.  It’s Sawyer’s bedtime routine.

From the time they were born, Jen and I have actively read, sang, and talked to the boys when they are getting ready for bed.  We believe the benefits are tremendous, and will foster a deep appreciation for reading and learning.

What I enjoy most is when the boys curl up on my lap and follow along.  It’s one of the greatest rewards I get as a father.

I am sadly aware that one day, they won’t want to do this anymore.  I’ll have my memories, and this blog post.

Sawyer’s routine goes like this:

  • I finally corral him into his room to get ready for bed.  Sawyer rarely goes to bed willingly, but he will go into his room to read.
  • He’ll say, “Let’s read a book, daddy.”
  • We’ll negotiate on the number of books we’ll read.  It’s based on length of the books he wants to read, our energy level at the time, and how late it is.  The average is two.
  • Sawyer says, “Sit in the chair, daddy.”  I sit in the easy chair, and Sawyer pops out the leg rest so we can stretch out.
  • Sawyer then grabs his blanket from his bed and lays it across my lap.  He climbs up, grabs his book(s), and snuggles into a position he wants.
  • After we read the books, he either gets tucked into bed, or he demands that I stay in the chair so we can fall asleep together.  “Sleep here, daddy.”
  • If we sleep together on the chair, I wake up at some point, and put him into bed.

We have such a mutual connection when this happens.  While it won’t last forever, I am confident I am sowing the seeds for a strong future relationship.  Sawyer knows I support him and love him.

Enjoy your moments that may not last forever.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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