The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 35-Interview with Aaron Keith Harris, Deputy Communications Director of the Ohio Libertarian Party

For the Episode 35, I had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron Harris, the Deputy Communications Director/Central Committee Member/Spokesman for the Libertarian Party of Ohio.

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Aaron became involved in the Libertarian Party when he felt the Republican Party was not representing his views on liberty and fiscal management.  Here were the topics we discussed:

  • growing up in Fairborn, Ohio
  • his professional background as a teacher, journalist, and writer
  • what is a libertarian?
  • how he got involved with libertarian party?
  • issues with ballot access for candidates outside the two major parties, including the current lawsuit between the Libertarian Party of Ohio and Husted
  • Documentary Of the People, By the People, For the People
  • what’s his take on Governor Kasich’s performance
  • what changes are needed in the tax code and entitlement programs
  • the current ballot issue about the legalization of marijuana
  • how supporting property rights and the free market is a better way to protect the environment and individuals than regulations
  • how Murray Rothbard influenced his thinking

I admire Aaron because he believes strongly in his cause, and he takes massive action to move his cause forward.  I believe the “silent majority” supports most libertarian viewpoints, and it is my hope that more support goes toward

To connect with Aaron, you can call him at 937.825.0204 or email at

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