The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 47- Sunglasses for any situation, Interview with Dan Robinette, Sales Manager of @UmbraSunglasses


For episode 47 of The Outstanding Ohioans show, I had the great pleasure to interview Dan Robinette, Sales Manager for Umbra Sunglasses and an aspiring chemistry teacher.

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During our conversation, here were some of the topics we discussed:

  • Growing up in Dayton, Ohio and how he developed a fondness for the outdoors
  • the influential people who shaped his life
  • how he came to grow in his religious faith
  • why he is drawn to being outside facing the “challenge” of nature
  • what he got out of his time at Miami University
  • the story of how he met his wife in 2009
  • his occupations post-Miami and decision to visit Turkey
  • how his work in Turkey connected him to his current role with Umbra Sunglasses via Marvin Wilson
  • what makes the Umbra product so unique, including the name itself
  • his alternative pathway Ohio offers to becoming a teacher
  • His legacy challenge:  Raise his children to have a greater impact on the world than he has had
  • how to contact Umbra Sunglasses

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The Outstanding Ohioans show, Ep. 9 interview with @Galen_Lehman of @Lehmans

Integrity….Fairness….Relationships….Helping Others….Self-Reliance

These are the core values the Lehman (pronounced Layman) family has operated with since 1955 when Jay Lehman opened the store in Kidron, Ohio.  Here is their story.

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Lehman’s has been a tremendous success selling mainly non-electrical products, beginning with serving the Amish community.  Inevitably, when there is a disaster or fuel crisis in Ohio, regionally, or nationally, Lehman’s makes the news because of overwhelming demand for products to help in the emergency situations.

During this interview with Jay’s son, President and Co-Owner Galen Lehman. listeners will hear:

  • why Jay Lehman created this business
  • how the business specialized in hard-to-find products
  • that the family spent several years living in Kenya, Africa, and how that helped them with their business when they returned to Ohio
  • expanding into the catalog, and then internet sales
  • how they expanded into manufacturing their own products
  • the different sections of the store, and how they serve different interests
  • full service of products, how-to books, and knowledgeable team members
  • leaving a legacy of preserving a self-reliant way of life

To learn more about this unique store go to Lehman’s website.

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The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 8-Interview with Jim Paluch of @JPHorizons

This episode will inspire and give great ideas for you to think about for your life and career!  Jim Paluch of JP Horizons is our guest for this show.

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Jim grew up in LaGrange, Ohio, attended Ohio State where he met John Joseph from Episode 5, and then embarked on a landscape architecture career.  He then moved forward to become a coach, speaker, and author of three high-volume selling books to help businesses and professionals move forward toward their goals.

Jim shared 5 principles which he drives his work from.  These are:

  • continuous learning
  • appreciate people
  • positive attitude
  • setting goals
  • don’t quit

Jim calls himself a “motivational listener” and feels he excels at pulling dreams and passions from people.

One of Jim’s missions is to combat physical inactivity in people’s lives.  He has launched the Come Alive Outside movement for people to be involved in.  Click here for more information.  This webpage is a great read if you are concerned about people, especially children, spending so much time playing indoors.

To connect with Jim, you can email him at or through their JP Horizons website.

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Jim referenced Dale Carnegie’s legendary book How To Win Friends and Influence People.  Click here to learn more.

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To Bee, or Not to Bee, It is not even a Question-The Outstanding Ohioans show, Episode 17, Interview with Don Popp Honey

For Episode 17 of the Outstanding Ohioans show, I had the pleasure of interview Don and Tracy Popp, a father-daughter combination who own and operate Don Popp Honey in Hamilton, Ohio.

Don began keeping bees in 1995 and the business has shown spectacular growth.  Last year, Don Popp honey produced 95,000 pounds of honey from 500 hives.  The product is known for its high quality and does not last long on the shelves in stores like Jungle Jim’s and Krogers.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

  • Learn about the importance of bees to mankind, and why there is cause for concern with the declining populations.
  • Varroa Mites…the deadly killers of honeybees
  • What the average homeowner can do to protect the bee population.
  • “If something eliminated bees from our planet, mankind would soon perish.” -Albert Einstein
  • Open House event every August on the farm.
  • Why it is beneficial for his farm partners to keep hives on their property.
  • How they use the “honor system” to sell their product directly from their farm.
  • Beekeeping start ups
  • Don and Tracy’s purpose of working to sustain the bee population for future generations.

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Some of the bee resources mentioned:

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To purchase my E-book on Basketball’s Multi-Purpose Offense:  The Open Post Motion Offense, the 1-4 High Offense, and the High Post Offense, click here.

The #Basketball BALL Match Up Zone Defense

One simple change-To Zone or not to Zone, that is the question…


In the dozen years I coached basketball at different levels, I experienced a paradigm shift on using zone defenses.  My initial thought was man-to-man defense was the only way to go, if I wanted to be “tough”.  Using a zone defense means your team is “soft” or not good enough.  Even today, I strongly encourage youth coaches up to early high school years teach man-to-man defense to build a strong foundational base of fundamentals.  


In recent years, my thoughts became centered on, what gives my team a chance to win?  And more specifically, what can I do to help my team stop dribble penetration and reduce the effectiveness of the ball screen offensive tactics?


This video explains why we deployed this zone defensive system.


From my videos and book, I have spoken to several coaches in more detail about the system.  This is a testimonial from Coach Duncan:


“Hey coach, I did complete the book about a week ago and it was great! The book answered all of my questions and it was well organized. Now I have more confidence in teaching the zone especially with some of the breakdown drills it offers. Thank you so much I can’t wait to install this zone with my team.”

-Coach Artemus Blake Duncan, AAU Texas Trail Blazer Head Coach & Assistant High School Coach at St. Thomas Aquinas in Hammond, LA


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ron zone book


This book contains the basic defensive slides, diagrams, and YouTube Videos to learn the system.

Here are fantastic resources about zone defense:

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